Caitlyn Vernon on the Great Bear Rainforest, the secret origin of Sierra Club BC & listening like an orca.

The BC Sierra Club has been at the forefront of eco-activism for almost 50 years. Mark Leiren-Young talks to their campaigns director, Caitlyn Vernon, about protecting the whales, the oceans and her award-winning book about the Great Bear Rainforest.

Andrew Weaver on #StopKM, The Wayne Gretzky Effect and Leading the BC Green Party

Dr. Andrew Weaver (@AJWVictoriaBC), one of Canada’s most respected climate scientists, left the ivory tower to run for the legislature with the BC Green Party. Mark Leiren-Young met with BC’s first Green MLA as he launched his bid to become Canada’s first Green Premier.

Dyna Tuytel talks about Ecojustice, Alexandra Morton, the Species at Risk Act and the National Energy Board

The Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion could wipe out the Southern Resident Orcas. The orca’s unofficial lawyer, Dyna Tuytel from Ecojustice (@ecojustice_ca), is challenging their plans in court.

David Suzuki on Donald Trump, Fake News, Justin Trudeau and Pipeline Politics

Dr. David Suzuki (@DavidSuzuki) is Canada’s most iconic environmentalist and at 81 he’s more passionate than ever about saving the world for his grandchildren — and yours. Suzuki talked about alternate facts, toxic whales, taking the heat off the planet and putting it on politicians and more.