Ken Balcomb
“J-50 is just another example in this story of starvation and ecosystem collapse”

“We gotta get this story out about what’s happening, it’s tragic”

“We are on day 17 now, what is the message to humans?”

“Let’s fix the ecosystem here, we are losing our icons”

“I think there was a great deal of emotions spread around and i think that some of our leaderships and bureaucracies were focused on other things other than their emotions”

“J-50 is just another example in this story of starvation and ecosystem collapse”

“ These are just the symptoms of what’s wrong, there’s been dead babies in the past and there’s gonna be dead babies in the future and the problem is there will be no successful reproduction if we don’t have a viable ecosystem for them to live in”

“They won’t be here if they don’t have anything to eat”

“We know from hormone studies that we’re not seeing 75% of the babies that are conceived.” 

“How fast do we want our governments to extinct everything here?”

Ken Balcomb (Centre for Whale Research @CWROrcas) talks Tahlequah (J-35), Scarlet (J-50) and what we need to do to save the southern resident orcas before we meet the teams from NOAA and the DFO fighting to save Scarlet in this special update on the status of J-Pod. And the world premiere of a new song by poet & author Pauline La Bel. #FreeTheSnake

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NOAA updates of J-35 & J-50

The Whale Sanctuary Project is on the scene of Operation Scarlet and updating regularly

Jeff Foster tests the breath sample test pole on the NOAA vessel which will be used in the health assesment of J50. (Photo: Katy Foster)

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