“How can you make big decisions on your life if you’re not scientifically literate?”

Dr. David Suzuki is Canada’s most iconic environmentalist and at 81 he’s more passionate than ever about saving the world for his grandchildren — and yours. Suzuki talked with Mark Leiren-Young about alternate facts, toxic whales, taking the heat off the planet and putting it on politicians and more.


“I feel like I’m fighting on my client’s behalf, but that we are all fighting on the Orcas’ behalf.”  

The Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion could wipe out the Southern Resident Orcas, but Justin Trudeau’s government approved the plans late last year.  Mark Leiren-Young ask Ecojustice’s Dyna Tuytel – the orcas’ unofficial lawyer – about challenging that decision in court.


“This has got to be the most rewarding job anybody can have, anywhere in the world.”

Dr. Andrew Weaver, one of Canada’s most respected climate scientists, left the ivory tower to run for the legislature with the BC Green Party. Mark Leiren-Young met with BC’s first Green MLA as he launched his bid to become Canada’s first Green Premier.


“This is where the ludicrousness of the way we measure economic progress comes into play: an oil spill is good for GDP”

The BC Sierra Club has been at the forefront of eco-activism for almost 50 years. Mark Leiren-Young talks to their campaigns director, Caitlyn Vernon, about protecting the whales, the oceans and her award-winning book about the Great Bear Rainforest.


“I’m determined not to let these salmon go down on my watch.”

Alexandra Morton (@alex4salmon) is one of Canada’s most famous eco-activists. The best-selling author’s fight to save the west coast’s wild salmon  attracted the attention of the Sea Shepherd Society and  launched  Operation Virus Hunter – a mission to raise the profile of Morton’s research into open sea salmon farms. Tune in if you care about oceans, orcas, salmon or sushi.



Orca Update:  RIP Sonic & #stopkm

When we set out to launch the Skaana podcast there were 83 Southern Resident orcas in the Salish Sea.

Today there are 76.

We’re losing matriarchs, we’re losing babies. The Center for Whale Research just declared that J52, Sonic, was missing and presumed dead. The last images of Sonic showed that he was starving to death.

Our latest episode of Skaana is a special news bulletin with an update on the status of the Southern Resident Killer Whales and what's happening in Canada and the US to help save this unique community.

These orcas are starving.




Moby Doll & Granny (The Hundred-Year-Old-Whale)

The BC Maritime Museum launched a new series of “Nautical Nights” with Skaana host, Mark Leiren-Young, talking about the secret origins of The Killer Whale Who Changed the World and his documentary The-Hundred-Year-Old Whale which premieres this month at Planet in Focus in Toronto.