Orcas: Our Shared Future at the Royal BC Museum (Victoria, Canada)

June 3, 2021

Exhibition on now

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Dive deep into the stories and science that surround the magnificent orca, spirit of BC’s wild coast and apex predator of all oceans. Follow the currents of ecological activism, popular culture and Indigenous beliefs to gain a new appreciation of these sophisticated animals, long feared in Western cultures as “killer whales.” Discover the complex social structure of orca society and reflect on the surprising consequences of captivity.

The Salish Sea, over which the Royal BC Museum peers, is the historical “coast zero” for both the market in captive orcas and the surge in scientific research about orcas.

Learn which orca populations are thriving and which are at risk, and surface with a new understanding of how orcas and humans are inextricably connected: we are all part of nature, not apart from nature.

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