Interviews That Make Waves

In Canada, orcas are facing a terrifying new threat. The recently approved expansion of the Kinder Morgan pipeline may equal extinction for the Southern Residents. With this podcast, you can help Mark Leiren-Young save the whales.


  • Launches with David Suzuki, Ecojustice lawyer Dyna Tuytel, and diver-filmmaker Rob Stewart. 
  • Mark previously published the Green Chain Podcast, and Skaana comes on the heels of his book The Killer Whale Who Changed the World, which featured in The Walrus.
  • Wish-list interview subjects include oceans warriors like Paul Watson, Rob Stewart, and Alexandra Morton; orca experts like Erich Hoyt, Kristen Kanes, Paul Spong and Ken Balcomb and maybe even Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. Mark has interviewed all of these people before.

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  • Mark's book The Killer Whale Who Changed the World has been featured in The Walurs, The Tyee, and Maclean's
  • Mark's radio show about orcas won the 2014 Jack Webster award for Best Feature Story

Raves for The Killer Whale Who Changed the World