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Mark Leiren-Young makes waves with our guests, and shares news about Orcas and oceans. Produced by Rayne Ellycrys Benu.

Elizabeth May on saving orcas, right whales, humans & oceans

Canadian federal Green Party leader, Elizabeth May (@ElizabethMay), talks about saving orcas and right whales; stopping Kinder Morgan and Bilcon and Canada’s toothless endangered species laws.

All whales matter. All cetaceans matter. All life matters.

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Bilcon vs. Right Whales:

  1. Trade Deals vs. ‘Core Community Values’
  2. A remote Nova Scotian strip of land is symbolic of upcoming NAFTA fight
  3. A Nafta Battleground on the Shores of Canada 

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Elizabeth May on saving orcas, right whales, humans & oceans