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This Week in Whales: July 9 – July 14, 2019

By James Christensen – Staff Writer

Welcome to This Week in Whales for July 8 – July 14 2019!

Welcome back to This Week in Whales! 

This past week we’ve seen a lot happenings with whales around the world and near our home base of Victoria, BC.  We’ve seen the birth of a new baby orca calf,  two other Southern Resident orcas are  “missing,” and more whales have wash up dead on the Alaskan shores, once again highlighting the damaging effects of climate change on our planet.

In more upbeat news, in this past week, we did see the Victoria Pride parade and festival, in which our friends from the Canadian Orca Rescue Society were not only taking donations, but also selling jewelry and trinkets not only made by local students, but that each came with a handmade letter from a local fourth grader…which was all sorts of adorable!

And now, here are some of the latest stories about oceans, the environment and important issues that we’ve shared this past week:

A female baby Southern Resident Killer Whale has been born. This is good news since only 76 such whales are left

Rant & Rave: Bring Tokitae Home

A Dead Humpback, A Team of Scientists, A Race For Answers

The Harmful Effects of Captivity on Orcas

2 ailing endangered orcas missing, researchers fear they may have died

Watch a Massive Whale Breach a Few Feet Away From a Man’s Boat

To end off this week’s update, let’s look back on an early episode of the Skaana Podcast – Andrew Weaver on #StopKM, The Wayne Gretzky Effect and Leading the BC Green Party!

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James Christensen is a writer, content creator, and social media marketing nerd currently residing in Victoria, British Columbia. He’s written about people, technology, and the environment, along with creating the online documentary series “The Art of Failure”. Feel free to check him out on Twitter and on YouTube!

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