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David Suzuki Quotes

How can you make big decisions on your life if you’re not scientifically literate? The most powerful factors shaping our world today are science.” [3:55]

But if we live in a world of alternate truth, then we really have entered an Orwellian world of 1984, where you can tell people literally 2 + 2 = 5 and people will believe it.  And we’re at that point now.  You only have to look at the Trump use of facts.” [17:58]

“We’re playing in the same goddamn game, and yet the rules are rigged so that we can’t possible win in a game that is dictated and constrained by economics.  Economics is so fundamentally dysfunctional.” [18:09]

“As a Canadian I want my prime minister to make commitments we will then live up to, and he’s not doing anything.  Pipelines should not be on the agenda.  Rail expansion should not be on the agenda.  Coal terminal expansion… we don’t want any of that stuff.  We want to get off fossil fuels.  Period.” [16:50] 

“I have hope, and that has got to drive us on.  And the fact that people are saying it’s so late, yes, for Christ’s sake listen to that. We can’t piss around anymore.  This is really really serious. I ain’t going to be around, but I know damn well my grandchildren are going to feel the impact if we do, or do not do anything Now. We can’t wait any longer.” [40:58] 

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