Skaana Host

Mark Leiren-Young

“Mark Leiren-Young, who has a background in pretty much everything — journalism, television, comedy, theatre and film- is without a doubt one of the most talented, multi-disciplinary voices in Canada.” – Vanessa Farquharson, National Post.

Mark is the author of The Killer Whale Who Changed the World – the story of the first orca displayed in captivity was the winner of the 2017 Science Writers and Communicators (SWCC) Book Award). He has three new books for young readers Orcas Everywhere: The Mystery and History of Killer Whales for ages 9 and up, the picture book Orcas of the Salish Sea and the board book (for babies) Big Whales, Small World. He directed the award-winning documentary, The Hundred-Year-Old Whale.

Executive Producer

Rayne Ellycrys Benu

Rayne Ellycrys Benu is an award-winning filmmaker of the short documentary The Hundred-Year-Old Whale and producer of the Skaana Podcast. A multidisciplinary artist and student of human nature, she has had a lifelong passion for our living earth that began when she was six and wanted to backpack from Ontario to BC to join Greenpeace

Producer & Audio Engineer

Bug Lewis

Bug Lewis is so excited to be a part of the Skaana team. They were first published as a poet at the age of fifteen via Poetry on Buses, and debuted as a musician and actor as a member of the ensemble for Desdemona Chiang’s production of Measure for Measure at the Seattle Shakespeare Company. They are so grateful to be a part of this wonderful podcast, and would like to thank their parents for always encouraging them to pursue their passions.

Web Wizard

Katie Brown

Katie Brown is a multimedia artist who has a passion for film, art, everything true crime and nature. You can often find them taking long walks on the beach or humming obnoxiously in their garden. Katie is always on the look out for wildlife (big or small) to adore and take pictures of.