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Dr. Jason Colby Quotes

Dr. Jason Colby
“The region that loves them is poisoning them and starving them.”

“In some ways it’s the book I was meant to write and need to write.”

“I wanted this to be an academic book masquerading as a great beach read… I thought about titling this book .“Crazy Shit That Really Happened.”

“I refer to this sometimes as the unthinkable history of the Pacific North West.”

“We have very generational memories about our local ecologies.”

“Ted Griffin is one of the most controversial, fascinating characters in the history of the Northwest.”

“I had to reckon with my family’s responsibility in what is now a northwest tragedy.”

“I don’t think I’ll do anything as meaningful or as personal again in my writing.”

“I want people to understand that everyone lives in their own context and they live their lives forward . . . we don’t know how people are going to view our actions . . . I can imagine fifty years from now when we have an ocean without any fish . . . people will look back on us and say, “How could you have eaten salmon? . . . How could you have killed so many tuna for your sushi? What were you thinking? How could you do that?”

“The region that loves them is poisoning them and starving them.”

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