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This Week in Whales: June 30 – July 8 2019

Welcome to This Week in Whales for June 30 – July 8 2019!

Welcome back to This Week in Whales! 

This past week we celebrated Canada Day here in British Columbia and across the Salish Sea it was Independence Day for our American friend!

First off, Skaana host Mark Leiren-Young made two guest appearances! The first was on The Public Circle Podcast with Green MLA Adam Olsen where he talked about the Southern Resident Orcas and how he started telling their stories.  July 8th Mark talked about the Southern Resident’s return to the Salish Sea – and the new baby, J56 – with Adam Stirling on CFAX Radio.

And now here’s some incredible breaking news that came in as we were writing this post: the latest Southern Resident is a girl! Read about her here in this article from CNN!

And now, here are the stories about oceans, the environment and important issues that we’ve shared this past week:

A Gray Whale Washed Ashore in Alaska May Hold Clues to This Year’s Deadly Migration

Watership Down in One Horrific moment seagull swallows rabbit WHOLE leaving wildlife photographer stunned

Russia to Release Whales Held in ‘Jail’ for Months

Song of rare whale ‘crying for mate’ recorded for the first time

Giant goldfish in Niagra River a reminder not to flush pets

Trash Games For Charity: Raising Awareness For LGBTQ+ Mental Health Services

Iceland Will Not Kill Whales This Year!

Human mural photo op staged in honor of Orca Action Month

To end off this week’s update, let’s flashback to one of our earlier episodes – Dyna Tuytel talks about Ecojustice, Alexandra Morton, the Species at Risk Act and the National Energy Board!

And of course, if you’d like to see more from us and help Skaana in our fight for orcas, oceans and the environment feel free to support us on Patreon!

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