Shark Myths and Mysteries with Mark Leiren-Young

Skaana (@Skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung) talks sharks, Sharkwater (@teamsharkwater) and politics with Joseph Planta (@Planta) on a special shared episode with Planta On the Line @TheCommentary.caRead more

Director Josh Zeman on a Lonely Whale, Lonely People and the Search for 52 Blue

Director Josh Zeman (@joshzeman)  on the quest for the loneliest whale in the world and shifting his focus from human mysteries to marine mysteries with his movie, The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 52.  “Just when you think you’ve had too much devil-worshipping and serial killers, you go and you spend a day working on whales and everything’s okay again.”Read more

Filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza On The Right Ways To Save Right Whales

Filmmaker Nadine Pequeneza talks about meeting and fighting for the North Atlantic Right Whales Right Whales for her award-winning documentary, Last of the Right Whales, with Skaana (@Skaanapod) host Mark Leiren-Young (@leirenyoung).Read more

Author Lynda V. Mapes on Saving Salmon and the Southern Resident Orcas

Seattle Times (@seattletimes) environment reporter Lynda V Mapes (@LyndaVMapes) on dams versus salmon, saving the southern resident orcas and how Tahlequah changed the world. "All the things we do for our comfort, convenience and commerce are not good for the southern residents. And that’s just fact."Read more
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